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  1. Baby can be used to refer to any child from birth to age 4 years old, thus encompassing newborns, infants, and toddlers. The Merriam-Webster dictionary simply says a newborn is a child who is recently born and does not put an upper limit to the term.
  2. Infant definition is - a child in the first period of life. How to use infant in a sentence.
  3. Define infant. infant synonyms, infant pronunciation, infant translation, English dictionary definition of infant. n. 1. A child in the earliest period of life, especially before he or she can walk. 2. Law A person under the legal age of majority; a minor. 3.
  4. Infant definition, a child during the earliest period of its life, especially before he or she can walk; baby. See more.
  5. Infant is the term that is used for a very young offspring of a human. Generally infants include a child from 9 days old to less than 12 months. Child is used to refer to a young person before the onset of puberty or below the legal age of majority. Generally, it includes children below 12 years of age.
  6. From baby bottles and bedding to development and sleep, WebMD's Baby Center helps parents know what newborns need during the first year.
  7. infant [in´fant] a human child from birth (see newborn infant) to the end of the first year of life. Emotional and physical needs at this time include love and security, a sense of trust, warmth and comfort, feeding, and sucking pleasure. Growth and Development. Development is a continuous process, and each child progresses at his own rate. There is a.
  8. Jun 25,  · Your baby will probably focus on your face, particularly your eyes, during feedings. At age 1 month, your baby will prefer to look at bold patterns in sharply contrasting colors or black-and-white. By around age 2 months, your baby's eyes will become more coordinated, allowing for tracking an object.
  9. Summer delights moms and babies, by providing safe & innovative products that bring peace of mind.

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