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  1. Bus stop displays a mixture of humor and pain. Rent $ Buy $ View in iTunes. Trailers See All. Trailer Cast & Crew. Cast Marilyn Monroe Don Murray Arthur O'Connell Eileen Heckart Director Joshua Logan Information. Studio 20th Century Fox.
  2. Dec 06,  · Bus Stop Spacing. Bus stop spacing has a major impact on transit performance. Stop spacing affects both access time and line-haul time, and therefore affects the demand for transit service. In general, there is a tradeoff between: (a) closely spaced, frequent stops and shorter walking distance, but more time on the vehicle and (b) stops spaced further apart and longer walking distance, but.
  3. A bus stop is a designated place where buses stop for passengers to get on and off the construction of bus stops tends to reflect the level of usage, where stops at busy locations may have shelters, seating, and possibly electronic passenger information systems; less busy stops may use a simple pole and flag to mark the location. Bus stops are, in some locations, clustered together.
  4. Sep 20,  · Directed by Joshua Logan. With Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O'Connell, Betty Field. A naive but stubborn cowboy falls in love with a saloon singer and tries to take her away against her will to get married and live on his ranch in Montana/10(K).
  5. Mar 26,  · Best Of album by Bus Stop. Beside 2 tracks, each tracks are covers. 1. Original by Van Halen 2. Original by Carl Douglas 3. Original by Doobie Brothers 4. Original by Kiss 5. Original by Kenny Loggins 6. Original by Steam, under the title "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" 7. Original song, samples the song from French musical "Can-Can" 8 /5(2).
  6. and Design of Bus Stops, as well as various other transit agency bus stop design documents, provided best practices and general guidance in the development of the standards and guidance outlined in this document. INTEGRATION WITH OTHER STANDARDS AND GUIDANCE There are various tools that work in tandem with this standards and guidance document.
  7. May 20,  · The stopping time and distance for a truck or bus is much greater than that of smaller vehicles. Stopping distance increases with a heavy load or in road conditions such as snow, ice or rain. A fully loaded truck traveling in good road conditions at highway speeds needs a distance of nearly two football fields to stop.
  8. “Bus exhaust is a major factor in Austin air quality.” In fact, Capital Metro bus daily VMT is something less than ’ a day including the UT shuttle while automobile VMT for the region is somewhere around million. Mostly these are SOVs (single occupancy vehicles).Pollutants per passenger mile on buses is miniscule compared to the amount produced by cars using the same measure.
  9. Bus stop boarding and alighting areas shall have a firm, stable surface. Dimensions. Bus stop boarding and alighting areas shall provide a clear length of 96 inches ( mm) minimum, measured perpendicular to the curb or vehicle roadway edge, and a clear width of 60 inches ( mm) minimum, measured parallel to the vehicle roadway.

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